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Hide Secret File

The following provides a list of software to hide and protect your file with a password in Steganography and related with the widespread popularity of the MP3 file format. Steganography is the art of hidden communication. Steganography applications conceal information in other, seemingly innocent media. Steganographic results may masquerade as other file for data types, be concealed within various media, or even hidden in network traffic or disk space.

The basic idea of steganography is to employ “covered writing,” meaning to hide your secret message in plain sight, as it were, within a simple/regular message so that other parties are not aware of the communication.

You will be able to hiding inside another file or folder like as image/picture, audio and Video.There are already tools to use mp3 for hiding data. 

1.  EbookMaker Hide File Tool

EbookMaker is a professional Ebook compiler software. It can compile all HTML files and their included image, JavaScript, Flash, MP3, and video files in a specific folder into a standalone .EXE file. Such file is easy to distribute via CDROM, Email, and Internet.

Hide File features: EbookMaker

Simple and easy to use: 
  1. With the step-by-step wizard a user with no special knowledge may easily create an Ebook within a few minutes. 
  2. Supports HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Flash, and all kinds of image, audio and video files. 
  3. Ebook viewer uses Internet Explorer to display HTML pages. Readers don't need to install any third party software before reading. 
  4. Customize Ebook user interface: authors may specify window size and window position, icon, splash screen, about dialog, and other message texts. The author may prohibit readers from copying, printing pages or viewing HTML source code. 
  5. Multiple protection modes
2. Mp3stego Hide File Tool

MP3Stego will hide information in MP3 files during the compression process. The data is first compressed, encrypted and then data hidden in the MP3 bit stream.
Although MP3Stego has been written with steganographic applications in mind it might be used as a watermarking system for MP3 files. 

It comes with a simple user interface
  1. Open it u will see encode text to mp3 and decode text from mp3 select the one you wanted 
  2. Copy the mp3 and text files to the current directory of mp3steno then select the files and press encode 
  3. To decode select decode text from mp3 then enter file and decode it and the password is secured.
Link Download Mp3 Stego

hiding secret file inside a cover file such as a picture,mp3

3. StegoStick Hide File Tool

StegoStick is a free and open source steganographic program designed to hide any file/secret file in another file with password protection.

Hide File Tool Features :
  1. Free, open source, portable and easy to use.
  2. Encryption technique available: DES( Data Encryption Standard ), Triple DES, RSA( Rivest, Shamir and Adleman ). 
  3. Allow to hide a file or text message in any file.
  4. The cover file can be in jpg, bmp, gif, mpg, wav, mp3, flv, pdf, exe, chm and any other format.
  5. During our tests it worked well, the output mp3, mp4 and flv file can be played with most common multimedia players such as GOM Media Player and VLC media player.

StegoStick works on almost all 32-bit Windows platforms like Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

StegoStick is download available from softpedia   or  sourceforge

The author may choose to generate the Hide Tool in compressed file for minimizing needed disc space and download bandwidth. 

You may also interest another steganography tool to hidding file into image.

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